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The Two Key Qualities of a Classic Nic Cage Action Film

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Alternative Art Fair at Art Scape


Open Space proudly presents the Alternative Art Fair at Art Scape. This fair will feature 17 artist run and non profit galleries and art spaces from Baltimore, DC, Richmond, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Philadelphia. This fair takes place on the 1st floor of the parking garage at 1714 N. Charles…

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The lovely lovely sorellanutella hosted a wonderful tea in celebration of her Graduation!





We even had hat decorating after we had tea and food and games!





Congrats Natalie! And thank you for a super fun meetup!image

some photos jacked from sorellanutella 

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In Praise of the Pause: 3 Tips for Finding Comfort with Silence as a Yoga & Hoop Dance Teacher


In Praise of the Pause: 3 Tips for Finding Comfort with Silence as a Yoga & Hoop Dance Teacher


Warrior III Virabhadrasana III


Warrior III Virabhadrasana III

Anonymous said: What are some good cosplay blog, besides your amazing one, to follow?


*screams because you like my blog*

hello uhm yes my blog is nothing compared to these lovlies

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Cosplayers who are perfect






i am positive i am forgetting people but i think that is most of them! guys feel free to add more links and stuff xx

chead said: hey what's up with the "!" in fandoms? i.e. "fat!<thing>" just curious thaxxx <3









I have asked this myself in the past and never gotten an answer.

Maybe today will be the day we are both finally enlightened.

woodsgotweird said: man i just jumped on the bandwagon because i am a sheep. i have no idea where it came from and i ask myself this question all the time

Maybe someone made a typo and it just got out of hand?

I kinda feel like panic!at the disco started the whole exclamation point thing and then it caught on around the internet, but maybe they got it from somewhere else, IDK.

The world may never know…

Maybe it’s something mathematical?

I’ve been in fandom since *about* when Panic! formed and the adjective!character thing was already going strong, pretty sure it predates them.

It’s a way of referring to particular variations of (usually) a character — dark!Will, junkie!Sherlock, et cetera. I have suspected for a while that it originated from some archive system that didn’t accommodate spaces in its tags, so to make common interpretations/versions of the characters searchable, people started jamming the words together with an infix.

(Lately I’ve seen people use the ! notation when the suffix isn’t the full name, but is actually the second part of a common fandom portmanteau. This bothers me a lot but it happens, so it’s worth being aware of.)

"Bang paths" (! is called a "bang"when not used for emphasis) were the first addressing scheme for email, before modern automatic routing was set up. If you wanted to write a mail to the Steve here in Engineering, you just wrote "Steve" in the to: field and the computer sent it to the local account named Steve. But if it was Steve over in the physics department you wrote it to phys!Steve; the computer sent it to the "phys" computer, which sent it in turn to the Steve account. To get Steve in the Art department over at NYU, you wrote NYU!art!Steve- your computer sends it to the NYU gateway computer sends it to the "art" computer sends it to the Steve account. Etc. ("Bang"s were just chosen because they were on the keyboard, not too visually noisy, and not used for a huge lot already).

It became pretty standard jargon, as I understand, to disambiguate when writing to other humans. First phys!Steve vs the Steve right next to you, just like you were taking to the machine, then getting looser (as jargon does) to reference, say, bearded!Steve vs bald!Steve.

So I’m guessing alternate character version tags probably came from that.

AHA! I thought it was something like this! I just didn’t know my computer history well enough to reference the actual convention. Thank you, Internet Stranger. :)






Kate Mulgrew’s guide on how Janeway would beat Kirk

Kate Mulgrew should never be interviewed sober.

…oh my god.

Starfleet Tactical Directive 80pf: “Keep your enemies close. Keep your phaser closer.”


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